Bahgo The Ward Soundcloud

My tummy is rumbling I need to eat more pro-biotic food.
Food to help battle those other worldly insects that creep into my

day dreams. You know the ones The ones you wished would

crush all the bad drivers and religious nut jobs.

Those piano notes remind me of someone rapping their finger on a surface.
As they get impatient with you.

But these are soothing.
Almost like a childs mobile (above the crib).

Soft lushes waves. not unlike a musical waterfall.

cascading through one ear and out the other.
Ice cold fog embracing my lungs It feels invigorating to breathe in this dense mist.
Serene in it's dense complexity.... it lulls me in a deep slumber.
Almost as if I am taking my last breath heading toward infinite nothingness.
Ahhh... the joy of believing in nothing can be soothing.