Bahgo The Long Coat Soundcloud

If Inspector Gadget snorted  a rail of dust from a discarded Atari 2600 game

cartridge he found whilst out searching for Dr.Claw in some remote dessert filled

with one legged belly dancing dwarves using scimitars to shave the Dali-esque mustaches off other dwarves, all the while thinking out loud, "What's with this guy

in the long coat doing in the dessert snorting dust from a discarded Atari 2600".

You might end up with this kind of (softcore) audio porn. The soundtrack  of middle eastern claymation made from kinetic sand.... that crying trumpet makes me feel as though Louis Armstrong is trapped inside the  Smurfs Colecovision game... That

damn crow keeps swooping down on me as I try to hop the gate, I look back

and Mr. Armstrong is playing away, sinking inside a pit of quicksand, there is

nothing I can do.. Gadget is too busy huffing cartridge dust, trying to obtain the excitement of the early 80's Arcade smell of waffle cones and prepubescent sweat.
When we argued

She would otften say to me
You're Always Detective