This is all over the pace...obviously Sound Track material

Like Conan (or Rambo) As he infiltrates some village to save the the helpless female.

Reznor / Ross meets the Ghostbusters inside a sewer tunnel...
The Chinese New Year Drumming team chases them. Awesome intro

to a movie while the credits play. The frame pauses on each of the

stars of the movie While they bust a sexy action pose.
Or, this could have worked for the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles intro

credits, cuz That (held) keyboard note sounds like you're in a tunnel... 
There are a few "cheesy" (not bad cheesy) parts.

This could have that kids action movie type of feel to it.... 
Ninja Turtles kicking ass in a tunnel
Swinging sledge
The D-Boy's idea of an industrial sound collage


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