Bahgo Contrapuntal Soundcloud

This is like All In The Family. Archie gets loaded on cheap alcohol one night and comes home to find his daughter & Meathead getting busy on his recliner.... Archie is having none of this... The screen goes black and white and suddenly we're in a silent movie with "this" music playing over the visuals of Archie beating Meathead into a grey pulp... his daughter is holding up the wall behind her, covering her milk pillows and screaming hysterically... Edith comes down the stairs and sees the carnage Archie is unleashing..... she's calls the neighbor, Mr. Jefferson for help, who comes busting through the back door wearing a nightcap and holding a fireplace poker... he's ready for action... He sees Archie stomping away on what now looks like a pile of meat.... Jefferson pokes at the mess, and says  "Good Riddance".Yea, this sounds like Silent Movie  / Ragtime jazz.... but there's a mental hospital twist to it.... Remember that project "BooHiss" that Erich was doing... The cover art had that girl ties to train tracks, and the dastardly villain with the long mustache lurking over her... it's got that kind of cliff hanger feel to it.... but it doesn't let up... the song kind of doesn't go anywhere..... all wall of silent movie ragtime jazz that needs to breathe a bit.