I'm waking up in a cabin in the woods, wearing long sleeve

flannel shirt, Lee Jeans and chestnut brown boots. My faithful

labrador, Sparky follows me around while I do my morning

chores, chopping a bit of fire wood, saying "hi" to the beavers and

chipmunks, even the local black bear is waving at me from across

the lake, as I fill my thermos full of fresh water to brew my morning cup of joe. The breeze is light as the morning sun cascades over the mountains and through the pine trees. a blue jay lands on

the wood railing as I ascend the stairs to enter my cabin, a twinkle in his eyes and song fro his soul fill the brisk mountain air....The water begins to boil as I stand the in the doorway and look at the family pictures on the mantle, Oh, how I miss Gertrude, she was a kind woman, with a heart of gold and could bake the best

corn bread you ever did taste.


I pour myself a cup of coffee and think about the family

I raised, 2 wonderful kids, both college graduates and

married with kids on the way, I'm looking forward to

being grandparent, I get spoil my grandkids and then send them home to be holy terrors to their parents.

I chuckle to myself thinking about an old episode of "Friends" that Jennifer Anistan is quite a catch!

I sip my coffee and gaze out the window, Sparky is

at my feet, the chipmunks / beavers / birds and bear

have congregated in the dirt driveway, are all joining hands, smiling at me. They are my best friends now. I've lived a gentle, warm, easy life....except that for the depression, but I've moved beyond that phase of my life, I've got my cabin, my Sparky and my cup of coffee, life is good.

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