​​​​Huh?!  What's up with the cute critters?  If you know anything about

my music then you  realize this is the total opposite of my norm. Compassion, camaraderie, confidence, generosity, and love were not overly abundant in my

home as a child. I had to find these traits later in life. This is why my music

is always so... "unstable". When a game developer asked if I'd be interested

in making some music for a mobile game immediately said "Yes, but

I may not be your best choice of a composer". But somehow, he heard

something in my music that he felt would translate well to what would

soon become "Edward's Forest". Typically, when I create a song it just kind of

evolves from one interesting mangled note that just sounds cool to me. In the

case of "A Small Journey" I took a very different approach. After speaking

with Brandon about the motivation behind this game it became clear that he

is just pouring out his love in a tribute to his Father; "Edward". And so, for

several days I didn't play a single note. Instead, I stared at one crude.

frame of concept art & tried to "feel" what Brandon was feeling.

Bahgo - A Small Soundcloud


Since this is really a tribute to Edward Manning I felt that he should

literally be a part of this song. I asked Brandon if he had a few seconds of

recorded audio with his father's voice He ended up sending me what

was closer to two hours! Who has this much audio of their Dad??

Oh yeah, a son who was loved. Within one minute, I found the words

Love" and "Home". In the process of this album, I made several virtual

instruments from these two words and they are scattered throughout.

Some instruments sound like guitars or pianos & others more like processed

robotic vocal emulations. But still, I felt something was missing. I wanted

the entire album to be filled with & surrounded by, these two words

without it sounding forced or distracting. It dawned on me that the one

sound that could be constant would not be an instrument but rather

a natural ambiance; the wind. Throughout the entire album, there

is a constant, subtle, evolving wind which swirls & pans around filling

every moment... this wind is, of course, the voice of Edward Manning.